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Strange, how a topic such as "disability rights advocacy" can bring up both heated debate ............ and dead silence. I believe there ARE topics of great interest to many people, yet these very same topics never get discussed within a "workshop"...... .

Yes, this is serious, but THISisn't.

The other day, as several staff members and I ate lunch, we began talking about how different cultures 'cope' with disabilities. One person said that in her own country, children with disabilities or disfigurements are completely segregated from others at school. 'Typically developing kids' dont' even SEE such a child. Another person said that having a child with a disability seems hard for the fathers because their 'manhood' is questioned, especially if the child is BORN with a disability...... I know of an older sister (to a child with a disability) who has been teased by her school-mates because she has a sister with a disability.

What are your earliest memories regarding either disabilities or disfigurements? Where did you grow up? How did those early memories influence you throughout your life?

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